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Dr. Gilbert Herdt is a cultural anthropologist, Professor and Founder of the Department of Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, and Founder of the National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC), created with major support from the Ford Foundation in 2002.

Previously he has taught at Stanford University (1979-1985) and the University of Chicago (1985-1998), where he was Professor and Chair of the Committee on Human Development.

Gilbert Herdt

Current Research Funding

Gilbert Herdt continues to receive funding for his ground breaking research. His funding history highlight his commitment to Sexuality and HIV research. Gilbert Herdt is also an institution builder, creating the structures in which other researchers and students can learn and thrive.
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Gilbert Herdt

Current Presentations and Publications

Gilbert Herdt continues to publish and present on the forefront of sexuality, sexual health, gender, HIV and social justice related topics. His presentations and publications are received around the world.
In the Summer of 2010, Gil Herdt gave presentations in New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea.
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Gilbert Herdt

Most Recent Book
Moral Panics - Sex Panics

“This is a very important book. If you want to understand the state of sexuality politics in this country- and have a hope of reversing moral panics and public lies- you need to read this book!”
- Pepper Schwartz
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